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Coming soon--brief, concise, and understandable free videos on
these topics (and more!) cross-indexed for easy access:

                                                                                           ... and more!

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Where does this advice come from?

We've been building, using, and teaching computer use and programming for many moons!
We figured this was a good time to share some of the insights and information we have learned and the
experiences we've had with
products and techniques. Besides, if we "monetize" our videos we let YouTube
put ads next to them and if you click on the ads we get a few shekels from YouTube. But we have no control
over the ads that appear on your screen, YouTube and Google suit those to what they know about your
personal preferences. The videos cost you nothing to view, and given the miracle of modern technology,
the videos cost us almost nothing to create! Just our time, which we consider well spent if it does you some
good and saves you money! It's a win/win/win situation!